Testify, formerly known as Confessions in Living Color(ed),​ details the struggles of young people of color navigating white spaces in a decade where colored bodies are invisible yet front and center. Poetry and dance come together to tell these individual/universal stories. Based on interviews and personal experiences, the characters of Testify demonstrate the tenuous life cycle of identity, attempting to answer the question, “Who am I? And should anyone care?” Testify first premiered at Knox College in 2012 and is being performed in Brooklyn, NY in December 2015. If you are interested in commissioning a performance of this show or ordering the script, please email Monica directly at

Something to Keep Me Vertical focuses on the many-faceted paths down which young love leads us. From the typical meet-cute and wedding proposal, to the all-too-common assault and inevitable break-up, the love displayed on stage shows all the complicated factors that come from growing up in the twenty-first century and trying to love another and ourselves. Something to Keep Me Vertical first premiered at Georgia College & State University in 2015 and has also been performed at South Georgia State College and Valdosta State University. To commission a performance of the show or to request the script, please email Monica directly at