What Do You Need?

How Does Monica Teach?

Whether you are seeking a guest teacher for your English class, someone to help your students engage creatively with the world around them, or simply a judge for a poetry slam, Monica is available to help. You can contact her by completing the form here, and she will be in touch as soon as possible!

Monica knows that English composition or creative writing will not stop genocide, cure cancer or bring our soldiers home. But the way she teaches her classes—with genuine interest in how her students define humanity, with constant questioning of that definition through poetry and prose—she turns ordinary students into self-aware learners who frame arguments, identify inconsistencies, and present solutions to the world’s problems. She is not always successful—not all of her students want to improve the world; some don’t even want to come to class. But the students who decide they don’t want to help fix what’s broken at the very least learn that about themselves, and Monica asks for nothing more. She wants the students she teaches to realize that they will be exposed to people, perspectives, and ideas that differ, align and drastically challenge their senses of self—and hopefully they will leave well-read, well-informed, and just plain well.

"My teaching philosophy is simple: let’s move mountains and break walls and light fires because the world is broken, and if you’re taking my class, you’re looking for a toolbox and some super glue."